The Chinese Body Clock

Do you feel sleepy at a certain time of day? Does your motivation fade after lunch? That could be because our bodies go through biological processes that affect our experiences. Do not fret, there is hope; our impulses can be redirected through awareness and knowledge.

Eastern philosophies and Traditional Chinese Medicine refer to this concept as the Chinese Body Clock, in Western philosophies, this concept is commonly known as our biological clock.

Cultivating awareness of our bodily processes and aligning a schedule that corresponds and flows with them can prove to be beneficial to our quality of life.

Forever Conscious provides a timeline illustrating the part of the body that is being utilized, its corresponding process, a solution to enable this energy, as well as emotions that could be triggered during this time.

There are many resources that can be found by researching “Chinese medicine clock” or the “Chinese body clock.”

May looking into this concept provide as much hope and empowerment for you as it does for me.

As always, thank you for tuning in!

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