Thank You

Thank You.

Thank you to the countless men and women who have fought, serve, and many who sacrifice their lives for you to be reading this post and myself to have typed it.

Thank you to our elders who have passed down tradition, lesson, and so many valuable resources for us to continue to thrive.

Thank you to the firefighters and the policemen that keep us safe every day.

Thank you to the doctors, the healers, and the nurses that keep us alive and well.

Thank you to the musicians, the comedians, and the actors that fill our ears and hearts with abundance.

Thank you to the mentors, the teachers, and the role models that we look up to.

Thank you to the numerous systems of transportation that we have that cover our nation and our world.

Thank you to the National, State, and Local parks we can visit and share time outdoors.

Thank you to the languages that allow us to communicate across borders and boundaries of all kind.

Thank you to schooling of all kinds and levels that allows us to continue our progress. The system may seem corrupt and the outlook may look dismal at times but we forge on. For whatever we have may it be passed along in good faith.

Thank you for your part. For your struggle. For your hardships. Your piece, your part, your role, whatever it may be. For it gives me strength to know that you are out there.

Through my times of hardship, I do my best to continue on with grace, thankful for all those that have extended a helping hand.

Thank You.

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