Meditation 2.27.2018

Seeing people who experience these things and know intellectually, but still do not believe. People call to us, experiences call to us. Spirits and beings not knowing how to pick up the pieces and move on. Beings stuck in the queue, in the white room, waiting for someone or something to show them the way. […]

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Part II: Land Between the Lakes

My drive out of the Trail of Tears National Forest commences through a fog of flat farmla nds. I rendezvous with my sister, Kristen. Sharing a meal, we catch up. Despite having seen her a few days prior for holiday break, we have plenty to catch up about. Oddly enough, I feel a touch of […]

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The Post, Post

2/10/2018 These are the moments. The moments we take with us, Rejoicing in life and all of its twists and turns; all of its ups and downs. The moments we meet eyes from across the room, Getting lost in the best and the worst but coming out better than before. The moments with the ones […]

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Spirit of the Deer

Upon entering Red Rocks for the second time during my visit in Colorado, these guys and a few others grazed about 15 feet behind me. I stood still. One of the coolest experiences I had up there and every time I see deer I am reminded to be still and let life graze its way […]

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Expression is freedom, a blank slate to create anything you wish. A way of rebelling against however you may really feel. Whatever can be reflected upon and learned from, why not do it. When you least expect it, your gift is there. Pushing you along. Making sure you remember who you are.

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2/12/2018 These are my wounds to set me free. My insecurities. This is our therapy. Living every day in grace. Moving on. For so long we fight ourselves. For so long, trying to fill a mold. For so long, trying to search for ourselves in things, people, and places. This holds a contradiction, for we […]

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